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Emma Bancilhon

Emma Bancilhon Junior Development Manager - Modern Freestyle Karate
Assistant Full Contact Trainer - Muay Thai

I started training at Coastal Warriors in 2013 under Dai Sempai Andrew Crinnion. Since then I have earned my FMA Blue Belt in freestyle karate and my Green singlet in Muay Thai. I am currently training hard towards my next levels. In 2018 I was the first Coastal Warriors student to be awarded the Kozoku medallion.

I have also competed in multiple gym shows, trained fighters and worked as corner in fight shows, worked on a free community self-defence program for women and school martial arts demonstrations. For me Martial Arts keeps me disciplined mentally and physically, it was and still is the key to my weight management which I believe is important as a role model to my kids and for own self confidence. Outside of the dojo I also enjoy weight training, running and keeping fit. I also have two children who keep me busy.

In my professional life I work closely with young people for the Department of Justice. I have a strong passion for mental health awareness especially in young people and hope to mentor young people about the risks of drug and alcohol use. I have an Associate’s Degree in Criminology and Justice, a Diploma in Business Legal Studies and am working towards a Degree in Psychology and Addiction Studies. I have completed certificates in Senior First aid, Mental Health First Aid and Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention First Aid.

I believe that when we are at our happiest when in states of complete and accepting balance this is within our mind, body and spirit. It is normal when these are disbalanced that we struggle with our internal demons. But with the help of Martial Arts when we step into the dojo and onto the mats it brings us back to complete balance and accepting that our flaws makes us who we are. My favourite Kata is of course Seinshin known as Three Battles- Mind, Body and Spirit.

Teaching Philosophy: "Healthy Mind, strong Body, a complete balanced and accepting Spirit. "