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Andrew Crinnion

Sempai Andrew Crinnion 1st Dan Black Belt Sempai - Modern Freestyle Karate
Level 1 Full Contact Trainer - Muay Thai

I started training in traditional Muay Thai in the UK in 1995 under and alongside an ex-world champion, an ex-European champion, a British Champion and the head of the UKMTF (United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation). I remained registered with the UKMTF until I emigrated to Australia in 1999.

I entered the BJC Muay Thai and Zen Do Kai systems in 2005 and then joined Coastal Warriors Martial Arts and Kickboxing in 2006. I continued training in Muay Thai and Zen Do Kai under the direction of Kyoshi Andrew Hooper.

I started teaching the Junior Zen Do Kai and Muay Thai students in 2009 before taking over the Adult classes in 2014. During this time I achieved my Level 1 Muay Thai Black Singlet in 2009 and my Black belt in 2011. I won the prestigious "Bushido Award" in Western Australia for outstanding contributions to the philosophy of Martial Arts in 2013.

My experience in Martial Arts has accelerated over the last 10 years as a result of additional exposure to other teachers and trainers. I have trained and mentored many Muay Thai full contact fighters with excellent success. Other passions include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, running, cycling and triathlons.

Teaching Philosophy: "There is nothing more important than training and preparation. You have to train your mind and your body, believe in yourself & leave nothing behind"